Find Me Unafraid is an extraordinary book, courageously honest about their challenges, their victories, their losses and their achingly beautiful love.” ( Chelsea. Editorial Reviews. Review. ''Suspenseful and absorbing, this true story of a man and a woman Find Me Unafraid is an extraordinary book, courageously honest about their challenges, their victories, their losses and their achingly beautiful. Find Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncommon people whose collaboration sparked a successful movement to transform the lives of.

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    Find Me Unafraid Book

    Find Me Unafraid book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Find Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncomm. The inspiring book, Find Me Unafraid, tells the story of two young lovers—one raised with privilege in America, the other in poverty-stricken. Find Me Unafraid tells the unlikely love story between two uncommon people Find Me Unafraid is an extraordinary book, courageously honest about their.

    By , my parents had four young boys to care for, and Rockford had become a city that offered very little hope or security for a family of six on one modest household income. After trying to hold on there for a few more years, our family left the struggling midwestern city for a small dairy farm in southeastern Wisconsin. That sounds idyllic, but the farm had certainly seen better days, and we were there on a work-for-rent arrangement. My mother, a born and bred farm girl, was able to milk cows and do farm chores in exchange for free rent on the second floor of an old farm house, while picking up odd jobs and helping local farmers harvest crops for extra income. My father was able to find work driving a truck for an uncle who owned a small lumber yard in the town closest to our almost broken-down farm, and he was eventually able to find more lucrative work as a computer programmer in yet another factory. In those lean years, unhappiness had infiltrated our household. We loved our parents, and in the consequent years of growing up, we began to learn that they loved us more than anything in the world and would—indeed did—do everything to make sure we were safe and cared for. And despite the ongoing struggles, we were taught to be courteous and polite, to always work hard, given every opportunity, to always encourage to try something new and to succeed at whatever path we chose. Thus, at that time in the early s, living in a dilapidated farmhouse in a new and unfamiliar place, my brothers and I never felt poor. I am now 40 years old and have never traveled outside of the continental United States—have never stepped foot in a foreign country—so my vision of what worldwide poverty is has always been seen through the narrow prism of that farmhouse and, I suppose, the occasional episode of Hill Street Blues or Save the Children infomercial.

    HAK offers 24 hour tele-counseling services survivors to survivors at its Rapid Response Call Centre and facilitates and coordinate rescue missions, referrals for them to other ideal GBV service providers i.

    Kenya among countries with highest imprisonment rates.

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    Efforts to improve human rights in prison facilities. Smallholder farmers benefit from improved system of beekeeping technology. Multiple Sclerosis, the unknown condition that leaves destruction in its wake.

    Youths challenged to foster peace ahead of elections. Find Me Unafraid.

    Find Me Unafraid by by Kennedy Odede, Jessica Posner: Summary and reviews

    Book Review 0. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Subscribe Subscribe to our mailing list. Send in your story Interested in contributing to the Reject? Send us your story on reject awcfs. In this issue Kenya among countries with highest imprisonment rates.

    Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. She contends with tasks like how to bathe which is paralleled nicely later when Odede is amazed at his first shower after arriving in New York City with Posner.

    But Posner adjusts, taking part in a theater project designed to create a forum for the Kiberan community to explore their lives, and to eventually show the world their struggles to survive.

    After this, the story gently dashes you to pieces again as you learn about Odede and Posner's astonishing work at SHOFCO, helping to provide better lives and opportunities for the people of Kibera. Election-driven violence in Kenya motivates Posner's prodigious letter writing to admissions deans at various universities to bring Odede to the United States. From Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, after escaping the violence in Kenya, Odede fills out applications and writes essays, and soon he's accepted at Wesleyan University.

    While at Wesleyan, Odede decides to start the Kibera School for Girls, whose mission is to educate and empower girls. It takes enormous courage to tell the story of one's own life, and, in Kennedy Odede's case, it takes a strong heart to relive that life on paper: to remember the harsh times, the hopeless days, the despairing nights.

    I can't get into a university in Kenya, let alone an expensive American university , and also about cross-cultural relationships I'd be curious to see where they are in another ten years, partly in terms of relationship but more in terms of the work they're doing—in the book it sounds like that work is heavily reliant on grants and donations, so here's hoping that they find more sustainable ways to keep it going.

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    In fact, words cannot describe how fantastic this book was so I'll just write a few tidbits. I love how the book jumped back and forth to tell the story from each of their perspectives.

    They had big dreams that seemed impossible, but they showed that The best non-fiction book I've read this year! They had big dreams that seemed impossible, but they showed that two people with passion, courage, and perseverance can truly make a difference.

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    In the end, the duo is a powerful force for good that is giving their community not only hope, but also opportunity and vision. Obviously, I highly recommend giving this life-changing book a read!

    It has certainly made me appreciate all the things that I overlooked and took for granted as an American and as a woman that was lucky enough to win the birth lottery.

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